Full Dashboard Overview

SMBrepute Full Dashboard Overview | Making it Easy to Quickly and Visually Understand Your Reputation’s Status

Most software tools out there provide or allow you to alter some sort of information. Which is great, but if the data you’re trying to access takes too long to understand or is difficult to comprehend, then data is not really helpful. SMBrepute provides you an easy to understand dashboard as soon as you login, you’ll have an understanding of where you are with your brand.

In fact, understanding your data and analytics are so important to us that we’re primarily focusing on analytical development for the first half of 2021. Our goal is to make understanding your brand’s status as easy as possible.

Dashboard Analytics Features

We’ve designed the dashboard log to be easy to use, and to read like a conversation. If you’re trying to understand the hundreds of data points on a limited time, you want to get an understanding of the data and how it compares relatively quickly.

We help you understanding the SEO metrics of your site compared to previous periods within a matter of just seconds by making it extremely easy to understand the data. We use integrations with other tools such as the popular Moz, Google Analytics, and Google My Business to capture data insights and neat graphs that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

You’re Able to:

  • Compare Inbound Links in Comparative Periods.
  • Compare Your Metrics Against Others in Your Industry
  • Understand the Standing and Growth of Your Google My Business Metrics
  • Understand the Impact of Facebook on Your Brand
  • Understand Metrics Regarding Your Instagram and TrustPilot Pages
  • ...And Much More