Track and Understand Your Local SEO

Local SEO Tracker | Understand Your Business’s Local SEO Standings, Metrics, and Know What to Do Next

The best free method of getting traffic may also be the most complicated. In fact, it is likely wrongful to call it even “free” anymore as if it doesn’t take your money, it will certainly take your time. However, there are tools that can alleviate local SEO problems and help you focus on the right track.

We provide you integrations with a number of Google services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you can easily track and “digest” your data.

As of 2021, you can now even track what we call your “LocalGrid.” This allows you to track exactly where your searchers originate from locally.

Understand your local SEO data so that you can intelligently understand and track what’s working, and start making tactical strides towards improving your standing with what’s not working.

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Local SEO Tracking Features

Being on top of local SEO is a must. People are searching for their needs locally and expect to be able to find you quickly. Tracking what’s working and where you’re challenged is essential for growth.

You’re Able to:

  • Track Dozens of Keywords to Know How They Stack
  • Use the New LocalGrid Feature to Know Where Your Searches Originate
  • Integrate Your Systems Quickly and Instantly
  • ...And Much More