Track and Monitor 2,000 Citation Directories

SMBrepute Citation Tracker | We’re Out There Tracking 2,000+ Local & Online Citation Directories So You Don’t Have to

Let me ask you a question, when people think of a need, let’s say they have a need for a plumber. Do you think they’re immediately thinking about John’s Plumbing Service automatically? For most people, that won’t be the case unless they have a lasting and honest relationship for several years with the vendor. More and more, people are going to directories like Yelp, Facebook Local, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, or the tens of thousands of other directories that exist depending on the locality and industry. In fact, BrightLocal’s 2020 Local Consumer Survey showed that over 79% of people trust reviews on directories like they do personal referrals.

With so many citations and directories, how does one keep track of their presence online?

Da-da! With tracking and automation of course. Let SMBrepute do the hard work for you with tracking online directories and ensuring accurate or missing data.

What's Your #1 Review Mistake Barrier?

Citation & Directory Analyzer Features

Easily one of our most unique features, there are no other toolsets that can scan so many directories, and niche directories to verify your business’s placement and existence on the internet.

You’re Able to:

  • Define Your Niche and See on Which Directories You're Listed
  • Quickly Ensure that Your NAP information is Updated & Correct
  • At the Click of a Button, Update Your NAP info for Any Directory ($5/ each)
  • ...And Much More