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Helping you monitor, improve, react, capture, and display // your reviews, social media, online mentions, directory citations, and much more.

Innovating Solutions for Online Reputation Management for Business

At SMBrapport, as well as at all of our operations, we believe that what customers and clients value most is *trust*. Trust is what maintains our relationships between people, as well as businesses. Why do you go to your specific doctor? It's because you trust him or her with your health. Why do you use your accountant? It's because you trust him or her with your taxes. We knew we needed to make a tool that helps businesses monitor and improve public trust of businesses. So SMBrapport was born....
Monitor Your Ratings & Comments Everywhere
We monitor all of your listings on all directories including social media to understand what your customers and influencers are saying about you, and compile everything for you within one platform.
Engage with Your Customers Where They Are
Through our integrations we allow you to quickly and seamlessly interact with your customers and prospects whether it’s complimenting the good, or turning around the bad.
Automate Review Capture and Display
We automate review collection and capture as well as provide you with widgets so that you can get your reviews working for you on your websites and sales pages.
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Just *How* Does Online Reputation Influence Purchasing Behavior?
Understanding the Power of Reviews

Reviews are usually one of those things that business owners internally know are beneficial, but they don’t realize exactly how important they are until the data is analyzed. 2 of the largest companies in the world, AliExpress and Amazon, built their businesses on the backs of reviews and it’s time that you did too.

How We Help Your Lead Capture
Uses Cases
  • Review Capture Automation

    You just got a customer, you did the job, and now you need their review and endorsement to boost your standing with potential clients. How do you do that without spending too much time and subscribing to various tools? Well, it’s all included into SMBrapport – where you can craft automated requests via email and SMS to be strategically requested with just one initial setup.

  • Track Your Citations on Over 2,000 Directories

    How are your customers finding you? Is it through a Google Search? Is through Yelp? Whatever might be the source, you want to ensure three things:
    1. That you have a listing on all directories relevant to your business.
    2. That you have reviews on all of those citations and that those directory citations are optimized.
    3. That you utilize those reviews to display to your broader audience your customers’ feedback and ratings.

  • Track the Social Media World

    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… the social media world has become so big that it’s impossible to track what influencers of your brand are saying, as well as being able to respond to neutral and negative comments. That is, until now. We track the internet for mentions of your brand and allow you to address those comments and concerns as needed.

  • Display Your #1 Asset on Unlimited Pages

    What’s your #1 asset? It’s your reviews and testimonials. Why? Because it’s copy about your business that you didn’t write which already gives it more credibility and trust that anything you could have written about yourself. But those reviews and testimonials don’t do much if no one sees it. We aggregate your reviews and allow you to use them anywhere you need. You can also check out our free tool, called SMBreviewer which does something similar.

Number of Citations Tracked
Templates Included
Number of Emails/SMS Included (Unlimited)
Reach Out to Unlimited Customers
Number of Review Directories Integrated
Allow Your Customers to Vouche for You
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